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Essential Checklist to Shift Your Content for On-page SEO

Google went “silent” on its algorithm updates and marketers are playing “guess game” with changing search results. And it is practically not possible to keep your website updated with every little as top search engine like Google are running the show with AI-powered algorithms. Still, you got a good chance to rank higher for the targeted keywords if you got a customer-focused, well-optimized website. 

Here is the complete SEO checklist that you could use for your website content no matter how much the algorithms change.  

 Some Basic On-page SEO Content factors you must optimize, 

  • Optimize your Titles with keywords 

Let’s say you have recently updated your keywords and changing your content strategy. But most of us will forget this important step. Optimizing your existing content headings will help you keep all the pages streamlined for the upcoming campaign. 

  • Display all the Pages 

If you are adding new pages, do not forget to add the pages in the menu. All try to prioritize the targeted pages so it will improve your overall SEO. 

  • Use Breadcrumbs for Navigation 

Using breadcrumbs will make it easier for visitors to navigate through different categories easily. It is one of the best practices to follow for better SEO. 

  • Build a Strong Internal Linking Strategy 

Drive traffic within your website by building strong internal links that use rich keyword anchors. It will boost the landing page value. 

  • Setup Tracking for your website 

This will help you build a data-driven strategy from the actions performed by your customers. All of this can be tracked through Google analytics and you can either do it yourself or hire some SEO agent for optimizing your website. 

  •  Secure your website with SSL 

It was known that SSL is a necessity for E-commerce website, but the search will give a warning alert if your site doesn’t have an SSL certificate. This will increase your bounce rate that will lower your SEO. There are some sites that issue free SSL certificates which you can obtain. 

  •  Choose a Responsive Design 

Making Your Website Mobile Friendly is all you need to do in 2019 as mobile-first indexing is one of the top-ranking factors and improving your page speed is one among it.  

  • Use Redirection or canonicals 

Some use redirections like 301, 302 and 404 where ever needed and canonicals in place of duplicate pages.  

  • Set up a 404-error page 

Ensure you are following redirections for broken links. And in addition to that, prepare a custom 404 error pages which will help decrease your bounce rate. 

  • Secure Your Social Media Profiles 

The social links must be connected to all your social media accounts to increase the sharing of your pages. also, it lets your customers to follow your updates regularly.

Check what other things you must do for your website with the list of upcoming SEO trends to have a head start in 2019.

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