Team & Support
1. How you will understand my audience?

We have experienced content marketers who have worked with a number of businesses from each industry. Byt understanding your business objectives, they will guide you with the best content marketing campaign. They will interact with you regularly and keep you updated on the progress we make.

2. What the team will be working on?

The team will back up the content marketer by providing the necessary report and deliverables that are necessary for the project along the way.

3. How can I manage my accounts with the team?

It is best recommended to share the credentials of your website with our content marketer so we can constantly update and optimize the content for better results.

4. Who is responsible for the titles and topics?

You are welcome to share if you have any ideas and preferences for the campaign. We will use our knowledge and skills to suits the content marketing strategy. Else, we will take care of all that is needed and get it approved before implementing.

5. Will you take care of all the interactions?

Yes, we will monitor and track the metrics to assess the performance of each content and actively take part in conversations to encourage customers for better engagement.

Analytics and Results

We will measure how the website traffic and SERP ranking has changed over the course of the project. We will then update and optimize to get faster results.

Based on the industry and customers’ expectations, we do regular daily or weekly posts. Also, we do consider the client’s special requests and publish accordingly. We will be consistent with the time of posting for better engagement.

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