Team & Support
1. How you will understand my audience?

We have understood and had clients from a similar industry to help you manage the list. We will study your customer behavior to create the email marketing strategy that will fit in with your business objectives.

2. What the team will be working on?

Our Email marketer will prepare and share the strategy with the team who are responsible for providing the required content, template and deliverables to proceed with the plan.

3. How can I manage my accounts with the team?

We will set up an account with the email marketing provider or get credentials from your existing provider. We also recommend you to make changes in the site to get most out of the campaigns.

4. Who is responsible for the email content?

We have content managers who can furnish you will high quality compelling content. If you have preferences or any media content to be used, we will happily integrate it with our content strategy.

Analytics and Results

We compare and monitor returns from each campaign to see how the metrics will help us achieve the goals. And update the strategy to meet the preferences of new subscribers.

We have understood your clients and their needs to serve them better. And use our skills and knowledge to help you follow recommended techniques that will grow your email list.

Frequently Asked Questions - JustPeri