Team & Support
1. How you will understand my audience?

We will use our industry knowledge and collaborate with you to understand your business objectives. It helps us to know what is your targeting for and see how our expertise in the paid search to help you grow your business.

2. What the team will be working on?

We will assign an account manager who will start with analyzing your business goals. Then by understanding your audience and your competitors, we will prepare a strategy for your PPC advertising. With the help of our team, he/she will perform all that is needed for running successful bis and ads.

3. How can I manage my accounts with the team?

We will get access to your ad manager account and it will be used only by the assigned PPC manager. He will set the specified budget and get in touch with you for billing and reporting.

4. Who is responsible for the content?

We will deliver the contents required for the ad and the landing pages. You can also collaborate with content which will optimize to meet our ad strategies.

5. Will you take care of low performing ads?

Yes, we do keep close watch of all the live ads. If we find anything not performing as expected, we will pause the ad and refine it for better conversions.

Analytics and Results

We will measure your traffic and conversions to understand whether or not the campaign is presenting the desired results.

We will try our best techniques to lower the cost per click but some factors like industry and keyword difficult will determine the base cost for the ads.

Frequently Asked Questions - JustPeri