Team & Support
1. How you will rank for a particular keyword?

We will start with researching keywords specific to your business and optimize your entire site content to reflect on those group of keywords with moderation. Also, we will generate backlinks from influencer sites that relate to your keyword.

2. What changes will be done to my existing content?

We will conduct an SEO audit for your site. If there are areas that need improvement, we will try our best to improve your existing content on-page factors. If not, we will re-work on the content with your approval.

3. How you generate backlinks to my website?

We have good relations with influencers from our past projects. We will use it to create quality backlinks for your business and use other forms of content and social media to get backlinks from different platforms.

4. Do I need to provide titles for the blogs?

Yes, if you have titles or suggestions that align with our SEO techniques. Or we will share with you the list of titles that have more value for your keywords and get your opinion before working on it.

5. Will my website look different from the current layout?

We can guide you with insights on how you can change your layout to improve your website performance. We can help you by taking care of technical aspects and in using plugins for your site. But we will change anything without your knowledge.

Analytics and Results

We have SEO experts who will be working on your project. They will monitor the results from our strategy and adjust to meet the requirements of the  search engine.

It depends on your industry and the keywords we are focusing on. But you can see a gradual increase in organic traffic and SEO ranking of your site.

Frequently Asked Questions - JustPeri