Team & Support
1. How you will understand my audience?

We have Social Media Managers who are specialized in each industry. Our Social Media Marketers know their industry-focused audience and each has experience working with multiple clients. Once we assign a person, he/she will be responsible for all the processes henceforth. They will study and prepare a strategy to warm up with the audience, as we progress he/she will make changes to grow your brand

2. What the team will be working on?

The assigned Social Media Manager will work closely with the team to prepare media personalized for your audience. The team will help the assigned person with deliverables while he/she prepares and launches the schedule.

3. How can I manage my accounts with the team?

All the communication and account management will flow through our assigned Social Media Manager. He will constantly study and update you about the processes. We have a strict Privacy policy, so all the credentials shared will be safe with us.

4. Who is responsible for the content?

Once we finalized the strategy, the person responsible for your brand will prepare a Social Media Marketing plan along with the content calendar. We have our own team who expertise in creating each media for the poster, promos and videos. If you have your own content, we will take optimize it to the different platform’s requirements.

5. Will you take care of all the interactions?

Yes, the team will be an close watch on your customers and their interactions with the brand. It is very important to reach out to the individual audience to build a long lasting relationship, we value each interaction with care.

Analytics and Results

We will constantly study the existing KPIs and see how we can improve with the help of our team. Our Social Media Manager implements different strategies and helps you find the best method to gain the results sooner.

In the first 30 days, the results will show up. We improvise from there to gain a steady increase in followers and engagement. Based on different plans and services, you will see varying results.

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