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Latest 2019 SEO Trends You Must Watch Out For

Let’s put the New Year Celebrations behind and it’s time to prepare your Online Marketing Strategies that will best work for your business. It doesn’t matter if you had a successful year or some hard times in 2018. Believe us, 2019 can be a lot more difficult and different if you are not aware of the latest digital marketing trends.

Search Engine Marketing has been very essential for getting your organic reach to next level. With new algorithms and advancement in technologies, there is a constant change occurring in how the users are interacting with the brands.

If you have your goals set already, we will help you re-evaluate SEO strategy and check whether it is ready for getting better rankings in 2019

#1 Mobile-First Indexing

Early 2018, Google emphasized the use of mobile-friendly websites for ranking in its SERP results. A majority are from mobiles devices, you need to make sure all the primary content is optimized for various screen sizes.  based If not already, it is not too late to optimize your website to a responsive design for mobile users.

#2 Focus on Featured Snippets

Increased your content value and website ranking in the search engines by earning featured snippets. Get over the position #1 and get yourself a position zero by creating content to get ranked on page 1. You can increase your chances by using many subtitles, tables, the direct answers for questions that the users for your long-tail keywords.

#3 Long-tail for Long Runs

The long-tail keyword has been in existence for a very long time but it has less spotlight than the short tail keywords. But you can make use of it to rank for your keyword by adding the list of long-tails that relates to your targeted keywords. Get better and faster results by shifting to long-tail keyword strategy that is less competitive with high potential.

#4 Voice-search Relevance

With increasing users for voice commands, it is about time to add the voice search relevance into the mix. It has higher opportunities as many people are getting Smart speakers and apps installed in their phones to carry out searches by using short voice commands.

#5 Do your Local SEO

It is very important for a business to get listed for Local SEO by following geo-targeted keywords and consistent NAP. You are well behind your A-game if your business is not found when people are in need of services in localities you serve.

Tip: Get reviews, listing and map your exact location with same address that you have used in all the social accounts.

#6 Get Smarter For RankBrain

Being one of Google’s core algorithm, RankBrain focuses on user search intent and is constantly evolving with newer updates everyday. It is the third most important factor in determining the results on your search queries. Rankbrain is capable of recognizing new patterns and revising SERPS (search engine results page) through artificial intelligence. Following SEO best practice is recommended.

So, keep up with the latest updates to keep your business ahead.

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