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Top Trending Video Marketing Strategies for 2019

Video marketing is the best way for getting more traffic to your website and 2019 is the right time to start publishing your videos. As millions of people are using Youtube for searching for videos related to a product or a service, you should start using different Video marketing strategies for growing your business.

You may already be uploading and posting some videos on different social networks but it will not be enough to stand out if you are not following these marketing strategies for 2019.

Tips to Optimize your videos for 2019

Here how you must Optimize your videos for different channels

See the big picture as many social media channels are expected to prioritize videos content.

#1 Customize for different demographics with targeted thumbnails and titles. You can use the same content but make sure you are not using the same title or thumbnail for all your ad campaigns.

To get the best results, try to change the thumbnail images appealing for each ad set. This way you can generate more ROIs from your video marketing campaigns.

#2 Repurpose Blogs and Convert it into Vlogs which will drastically change your social media strategy. Long-form content used in blogs are the best way to generate more keywords but sometimes it will be too long for some of your customers. Convert the text into a visual content and deliver the message in an efficient manner with help of vlogs.

#3 Link your videos to other networks to make yourself found. Add links, annotations or watermark your videos to drive your audience to your site.

#4 Follow the basic optimization practices for each platform to get maximum reach. For instance if you have the thumbnail with 40% text, your chances to be found in Facebook is very much lower. To get the best out of all videos, follow some of their instructions for easily navigating through the crowd.

Tips to tackle Popular Video Trends

#5 Users have spent more time on Live videos in the year 2018. And business are taking advantage of it to go behind the scenes and interact directly with their audience. If you are hesitant to go live yet, 2019 will not any fruitful unless you make your debut. You can do some unboxing, product launch or introduce your team that will build trust for your business through Live videos.

#6 Get creative and use fresh content by adding a new perspective to traditional video. There are millions of videos covering the same topics but only a few have a million views. All because they have a new perspective to ordinary things. Try to do things differently without losing the purpose of the video.

#7 Use strong CTA to drive traffic to your business. Or you will have a major audience who can’t reach out to you directly from your channel. So, never forget to add some CTA relating to your brand in the video.

#8 Use the transcript to improve your SEO and stay on top of the search. It will help you get your content valued than those without a transcript. Google can auto-generate its transcript but it is best to do it yourself for better control over it.

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