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Why you should Integrate your SEO with PPC?

If you are starting with your own online business, you may have come across that the very foundation of the online marketing lies within three broad categories: Owned, Earned and Paid Media. All of this depends on one another and to get noticed in this digital age is to be the master of all the media.Let’s take a brief look at why you must integrate your SEO with PPC for building a data-driven marketing plan.

Why SEO alone will not work in 2019?

There are some successful businesses who have achieved more than one can imagine by just mastering any one of the above. And those who have succeeded through just one media has been doing it for a long time and they are pioneers in it. If you are emerging online business, then you are one among the million other traders who are looking for a breakthrough.
And in 2019, if you are solely relying on SEO and organic traffic, there is a good chance that you will not even get noticed in the masses.

7 Reasons why you must integrate your SEO with Paid media

Here are some reasons why you must integrate your SEO with Paid media:

  1. Combining both will help you gain a well-establish status if you are topping both paid and organic search. Being listed among top SERPs will add credibility to your brand and create a long lasting trust in your customers.
  2. By running a strong Ad campaign will help you convert visitors into sales. Successful integration of SEO and PPC will bring quality traffic and increases the volume that will drastically improve your organic ranking and conversion at the same time.
  3. Stay ahead by combining your organic efforts with the paid search which will help you stand out in the crowd and makes it easy to be discovered. Just because you are getting listed as No. 1 will not do the trick in 2019. If you are offering solutions, you must work on getting a featured snippet. If you have a product, then you must be running ads for those that are listed at no. 1. Else, your competitor who is very behind will capture the sale that is meant for you.
  4. Marketing landscape is changing and having a huge audience Social media is not enough . You must encourage engagement through social media ads and increase your user interactions for gaining more organic visibility.
  5. With the help of PPC ads, you can test and assess the quality of the targeted organic keywords that you are using to build your content marketing. It is one of the best ways to succeed in content marketing in 2019.
  6. Tackle Negative PR by Highlight your solutions to the existing problems through PPC. If some issue is creating a negative image for your brand, you can simply run ads for those keywords and redirect it to your landing page that offers a better solution. This way you will create a positive impression from negative PR.
  7. Share Keywords data between different media. Use top performing ads for developing organic content and vice versa. This approach will generate more data-driven content and easily deliver it to the audience who are looking for it.

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