Ranked 50+ keywords in One month.
23 Keywords in Top SERPs.
Increased Page Speed by 91%.
Achieved 86% Mobile Responsiveness throughout the site.



Gained 47.63% Conversions from Referral Traffic.
Improved number of visitors by 53.7%.
Generated 31% visitors by Brand Search traffic.
Increased number of sessions by 20%.

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Improved Mobile Responsiveness by 78%.
Decreased Bounce rates to 3%.
Achieved 59.4% Conversion.



Gained 2 times overall site traffic.
Improved signups by 15%.
Ranked for 30% of Targeted keywords.
Number of sessions improved by 20%.



Organic Traffic increased to 76%.
Page Views increased by 38%.
Bounce Rate decreased by 32%.




Increase in a number of sessions by 41%.
Improved Percentage of Returning Visitors by 17%.
Average session duration improved by 11%.

Increase in Organic Traffic to 76%.
56.82% Increase in Percentage of Returning Visitors.
Improved average number of pages per session from 5 to 12.


Reduced PPC cost by 21%.
Gained 65% ROI.
53.93% Conversion from Campaigns.




41% Increase in leads (conversions).
Improved Conversion rate to 76.44%.




Maintained Stable ROI from the start.
Increased Quality Score by 12.6%.




31% improvement in Online leads.
49.31% Increase in site visitors.





43.02% Increase in clicks.
12.73% Decrease in cost-per-click.





Quality score improved by 32%.
Maintained Lead Quality for 45% Targeted Keywords.




Develop Local and International exposure.
Created more highly targeted student groups.



Reduced PPC cost by 16%.
Increased conversion by 36%.





Increased Facebook followers by 70.68%.
Increased YouTube Video Views by 29.32%.



56.48% Social conversion.
64% Increase in followers.
Improved Post Reach by 59%.




Help them build strong Brand Awareness.
Increased Average Engagement Rate by 12%.
12% Increase in Number of impressions.

Audience Growth increased to 42%.
Average Engagement improved 3 times.




Mulitple Page Views x2.7.
Click through rates increased to 68%.
Improved Audience Growth by 54%.
Acquired 87% Post Reach.


32% Increase in Page Views in Two weeks.
52% Increase in Social Action taken.
Leads from growing Brand Awareness.


Increased YouTube Video Views by 49.48%.
Social Action taken increased to 63.28%.
Grew Brand Awareness multi-fold.


49% increase Page Followers.
32% improved in Audience Growth Rate.
61% Average Post Reach.