Ranked 50+ keywords in One month.
23 Keywords in Top SERPs.
Increased Page Speed by 91%.
Achieved 86% Mobile Responsiveness throughout the site.


Gained 47.63% Conversions from Referral Traffic.
Improved number of visitors by 53.7%.
Generated 31% visitors by Brand Search traffic.
Increased number of sessions by 20%.

Increased Organic traffic by 55.34% from Local SEO.
Improved Mobile Responsiveness by 78%.
Decreased Bounce rates to 3%.
Achieved 59.4% Conversion.


Gained 2 times overall site traffic.
Improved signups by 15%.
Ranked for 30% of Targeted keywords.
Number of sessions improved by 20%.


Organic Traffic increased to 76%.
Page Views increased by 38%.
Bounce Rate decreased by 32%.



Increase in a number of sessions by 41%.
Improved Percentage of Returning Visitors by 17%.
Average session duration improved by 11%.

Increase in Organic Traffic to 76%.
56.82% Increase in Percentage of Returning Visitors.
Improved average number of pages per session from 5 to 12.

Reduced PPC cost by 21%.
Gained 65% ROI.
53.93% Conversion from Campaigns.



41% Increase in leads (conversions).
Improved Conversion rate to 76.44%.



Maintained Stable ROI from the start.
Increased Quality Score by 12.6%.



31% improvement in Online leads.
49.31% Increase in site visitors.




43.02% Increase in clicks.
12.73% Decrease in cost-per-click.




Quality score improved by 32%.
Maintained Lead Quality for 45% Targeted Keywords.



Develop Local and International exposure.
Created more highly targeted student groups.


Reduced PPC cost by 16%.
Increased conversion by 36%.




Increased Facebook followers by 70.68%.
Increased YouTube Video Views by 29.32%.


56.48% Social conversion.
64% Increase in followers.
Improved Post Reach by 59%.



Help them build strong Brand Awareness.
Increased Average Engagement Rate by 12%.
12% Increase in Number of impressions.

Audience Growth increased to 42%.
Average Engagement improved 3 times.



Mulitple Page Views x2.7.
Click through rates increased to 68%.
Improved Audience Growth by 54%.
Acquired 87% Post Reach.

32% Increase in Page Views in Two weeks.
52% Increase in Social Action taken.
Leads from growing Brand Awareness.

Increased YouTube Video Views by 49.48%.
Social Action taken increased to 63.28%.
Grew Brand Awareness multi-fold.

49% increase Page Followers.
32% improved in Audience Growth Rate.
61% Average Post Reach.


Customized and Re-build Website from Start to finish

Page Speed optimization

Integrated Google Maps with the store finder

E-commerce functionality Development

Payment Gateway integration with Authorize.net

Warehouse Fulfillment Integrations

Accounting 2-way integrations with QuickBooks

Complete keyword discovery prior to website launch

Selected a mix of critical keywords, high traffic keywords, and long-tail keywords

Created new Shopify website

Focused on one keyword per page

Optimized title and meta description for each page and post

Blog posts released twice per week

Integrated social media to help build branding (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+)

Instituted Google authorship

Managed bi-weekly newsletter using blog content and industry news

Created new Shopify website

Focused on optimizing the website for product tag and category assignment

Created an XML sitemap

Submitted sitemaps to Google, Yahoo, and Bing for ease of indexing

Integrated social media to help build branding and inbound links